Monday, April 25, 2011

Margarita Cake

I love this cake! It is super easy and so moist! So, when that citrus craving hits, this is a quick fix. We are getting ready for Cinco de Mayo and all the good food we're going to have, and I thought this might be a good dessert to go with our Mexican party food, even though it's not a traditional Mexican dish. I thought it would go good with all the other lemon-lime flavored dishes that we are serving this year. I also used this recipe for cupcakes for our Easter party this year. They went fast! I got this recipe from Williams and Sonoma, but I used a generic Margarita Mix, rather than the Williams and Sonoma brand.

1 yellow box cake mix
Margarita Mix
1 bag powdered sugar

Mix the cake according to the box instructions, except substitute the margarita mix for the water. Bake as directed. While the cake is still warm, mix a small amount of the margarita mix with a few cups of powdered sugar, until a desired consistency is formed for a glaze. Poke holes in the cake, with a fork or knife, and pour over the glaze. (I also added some cream cheese to my glaze, and it worked great too.) 

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