Thursday, September 4, 2014

Announcements, Invitations and fun printables

Right now I am in charge of organizing the activities for our ladies group at church. I have fun creating the invitations to hand out each month. Here are a few of the activities that we have done and the announcement to go with it. 

We wanted to just have a night to have fun together, so we got together, brought fun snacks, and played games. It was easy and fun!

 We had a fun social dinner, potluck style, but decorated like a tea party. We also had a book exchange to go along with it, and talked about reading out of good books. 

 We wanted to do something fun, so we rode our bikes around the neighborhood together, visited with some of elderly women in the neighborhood, and had refreshments at each of the stops. Several of the women also brought their kids along in bike trailers. 

 Here's the labels for the water bottles we had at one of the stops. Feel free to download the labels for your own use. 

With a few canning experts, we planned a day where we could learn how to can our produce from the summer. We provided two different items to be preserved, and everyone was able to take home one of each.  
Free printable - yay!

We planned a day to learn how to make a super 72 hour kit - or emergency backpacks, and a few survival skills for the upcoming zombie apocalypse. Or something like it. 

We wanted to have fun and be able to get to know some of the new ladies, so we had a social and played volleyball. 

We wanted to do a short, easy hike together, so we planned to meet and carpool up the canyon. We also provided some refreshments. 

November is always a good month for crafting and getting ready for the holidays. 

Simple activities like this are great (if you live close enough to the temple). Carpool and go out for ice cream afterwards. This was half the invite. 

December Activity - Christmas Dinner and Program

We had a super saturday where we had lots of classes to choose from and crafts to make, followed by a soup and salad bar luncheon. 

Here are the signs we put up for each class:



What are some fun things you do with your friends or church groups? 

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